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Inlet Mechanical, Incorporated, operates as a mechanical contractor principally engaged in commercial and industrial piping & mechanical work. Its focus is in new construction.  Project types include: power plants, water and sewer treatment plants, schools, equipment maintenance facilities, retail office spaces, commercial buildings and warehouses.  Geographically, Inlet operates through-out Alaska. The majority of Inlet’s projects, approximately 80%, are in remote locations off the road system in villages throughout Alaska, with remaining work performed in the Anchorage bowl & road system.  Our project locations range from the North Slope & Norton Sound to Southwest Alaska, as well as the Interior & Alaska Peninsula.  Primarily focused on commercial & industrial projects, Inlet provides owners & general contractors a complete mechanical side package for their projects. Providing self performed services in all aspects of the piping trades and systems, Inlet also utilizes select subcontractors for specialized trade work resulting in a complete plumbing, heating & ventilation contracting package.  The type of work that Inlet self performs includes can be categorized into several areas of work.

  • Utilities
  • Commercial Mechanical
  • Storage & Distribution
  • Special Systems

Self Preformed Work


 This includes buried & above ground water distribution systems that use arctic pipe materials and water storage facilities & associated systems. District sewer systems, again using arctic pipe materials and construction methods, pumping stations, outfall lines and sewer treatment facility work are part of our capabilities. 

Waste heat reclamation & distribution is included in Inlets Resume’. Typically using power plant waste heat derived through heat exchangers and distributed through piping to surrounding facilities.

Commercial Plumbing & Heating Installations

 This category of work encompasses all phases of building drainage and venting, water supply & distribution and heat generation and within a building. Inlet performs the installation of all phases of this category of work. Drainage, vent & water systems include piping, fixtures and specialty accessories such backflow preventors, pressure regulators, expansion tanks & sumps.  Heat generation including boilers, heat exchangers, pumps, tanks, air separators, heat coils & terminal units such as baseboard, unit heaters, cabinet heaters & appurtenances. Radiant floor heating and snowmelt installations are common systems under this work. 

Storage & Distribution

Inlet also has experience with installation and piping of fuel storage tanks & day tanks to serve fuel burning equipment such as boilers, commercial water heaters and generators. Water storage facilities and water treatment systems, including pumping, filtering, chemical feed and heating are included as well. Many of these installations require the use of specialized piping materials to comply with the latest environmental regulations & design requirements.

Special Systems

 Compressed air for maintenance shop industrial use with compressors, air dryers, hose reels & pressure regulators.

Chemical feed pumps, metering and injection for water & sewer treatment processes.

High pressure lubricant & grease racks, hose reels & pumps.

Lift stations and pumping station equipment for water & sewer applications are all type of work Inlet performs 

Our Services



Inlet, operating as a primary mechanical contractor, subcontracts and manages major sub-trades.

Trades sub-contracted are:

  • Mechanical insulation for piping & ductwork.
  • HVAC (ventilation, air conditioning) ductwork & equipment. 
  • Environmental building controls, both electronic & DDC (direct digital controls).
  • Balancing of hydronic & ventilation systems and commissioning.


Past experience includes all types of building heating systems, water & sewer utility systems, bulk fuel and fuel oil distribution piping, natural gas distribution, heat generation and waste heat recovery, heating & radiant heat systems, plumbing waste & venting, lift stations, water treatment systems & process piping.


Project types include - power plants, water & sewer treatment plants, schools, equipment maintenance facilities, retail office spaces, commercial buildings & warehouses.


Material applications – carbon steel, low temp steel & heavy wall, stainless steel, high density polyethylene (HDPE), insulated piping, double wall piping, copper, CPVC, cast iron & PEX.

Equipment – boilers, pumps, heat exchangers, separators, pressure tanks, filters, flow control devices, terminal heat units, coils, mixing & tempering valves and appurtenances.

Processes – Welding (SMAW, MIG, TIG), butt-fusion, electrofusion, brazing, solder, flanged, threaded & solvent weld.


Management of resources and processes are key to the success of every construction project, and Inlet focuses close attention to this aspect of each project. Inlet is staffed by management & crews with an average of ten (10) years experience in the industry. We understand the contract processes involved in the construction industry.

From contract execution to management of subcontractors, scheduling, documentation, material control and effective oversight of work activities & personnel on the job, Inlet has established and follows the best practices in the industry. This results in delivering a quality product on time, safely, while maintaining a reputation as capable reliable contractor.

We accomplish this by first having an understanding of the administrative requirements of our industry. Estimation, contract review & issuance, insurance requirements, submittals, budgets & scheduling are addressed in the pre-construction processes. Materials purchasing & delivery, cost tracking, design issue resolution & production are managed during execution of the work. Project closeout including final deliverables & turnover and review of our performance finalize the process.